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Caribbean Weather TODAY

Caribbean weather TODAY includes the latest storm tracking and also general forecasts of the 2017 hurricane season.

Hurricane Maria projections from the National Hurricane Center.

The Weather Channel with the latest coverage of Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane & Tropical Storm Tracking General forecasts and predictions from a variety of sources for the 2017 hurricane season.

Satellite Images of Caribbean for up-to-the minute tracking of hurricanes & tropical storms, where it's raining or which island has picture postcard skies.

Hurricane Activity By Month . . . Based on years of tracking and landfall data, there definitely are some months you should stay home if the thought of hurricanes concern you.

Best Time to Visit the Caribbean

There really isn't a bad time unless you happen to encounter a hurricane, but you can minimize the chance of that happening, too.

Caribbean High & Low Seasons . . . You pay more, often much more, for the best weather. But is it worth it?

Caribbean Heat & Humidity. . . It's not really that bad. How to beat it before it beats you.

Caribbean Rainy Season . . . Mostly during summer and fall, when tropical storms form.

Sahara Sands in the Caribbean . . . Well, hurricanes come from Africa. So do these weird "sand storms" from the Sahara Desert.

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