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Welcome to more than 2,000 pages of Guide to Caribbean Vacations with travel tips and advice from M. Timothy O'Keefe, author of Caribbean Hiking, contributor to National Geographic Guide to Caribbean Family Vacations and Caribbean Travel and Life magazine.

Come journey with me, to discover what the Caribbean Islands taste like, what they sound like and even how they feel, including their mud and their thorns. (Caribbean Map) Every island is distinctive, with its own attractions and its own culture. That's why I find the region so fascinating and travel there as often as I can.

Covid No Longer Impacts Caribbean Travel

Most islands no longer require a Covid test or proof of vaccination.  

U.S. Passport required for Caribbean travel. Where & how to get one.

Best Caribbean Beaches island by island. Blue Flag beaches are among the best. Tired of tan lines? Try a Caribbean nude beach

Caribbean Vacation Planning Tips
 For a hassle-free vacation, affordable all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages include accommodations, entertainment, food and drinks. But there are many other options.

Caribbean Cruise Tips See where cruises to the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda leave from which U.S. Cruise Ports. Compare cruise dining menus. More cruise tips, including the need for cruise insurance.

Caribbean Bests

Best Time to Visit the Caribbean Depends on the kind of weather you prefer, your bank account and what you
want to do. Learn more Caribbean essentials.

How Do You Pronounce Caribbean? Most islanders say "ker-e-be-an." So should you. Here's why.

Best of the Caribbean A short list of the Caribbean's absolute bests. A more extensive in-depth look at some of the hotels, shopping, diving, hiking, carnivals and eco tourism.

Where to Stay Lots of options from world class luxury resorts to small guesthouses. And also the ubiquitous timeshare properties. Go to Caribbean hotels for best hotel deals that can be booked quickly.

What To Do in the Caribbean Much more than just beaches-- such as diving & snorkeling, shopping, mountain hiking and nature walks, fishing and much, much more. 

Getting to Know the Islanders

Caribbean Calendar for all the islands, what's happening when and where and best times to visit.

How Friendly are Caribbean Islanders?
 Attitude is everything. On one island, it stinks. Why vacation there?

Caribbean Weddings Find the marriage license rules for all the islands. Thinking about getting married at sea? Or an island wedding? Find more info and ideas.

Travel Insurance Why you may need it. A good policy covers everything from pre-departure sickness and family emergencies to expenses for travel delays and payments for non refundable fares.