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Sample Cruise Dining Menus

Cruise lines pride themselves on their dining experiences but cruise menus seem to be kept hidden away in locked vaults aboard the cruise ships. Try finding a menu off ship. You won't--unless you took one with you.

Which is how I obtained most of these on personal cruises, with occasional help from cooperative PR representatives.

Why all this menu secrecy? The cruise lines say because their menus change often, which they do, based on the region they are cruising.

The real reason: They may not wish you to compare their menus and discover you must pay an extra fee to visit some of their "special" restaurants.

Keep this in mind: The longer the cruise, the better the dining experience tends to be.

Cruise lines do seem to send out their least experienced chefs on shorter cruises where they can learn their trade. On anything longer than 3 nights, passengers might make the novice chefs walk the plank

Carnival Cruise Lines Dining Menus

Holland America Cruise Dining Menus including Le Cirque Menu

Oceania Cruises Dining Menus

Royal Caribbean Cruise Dining Menus