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These Caribbean travel tips provide answers to most Caribbean FAQ, with additional planning information to help you enjoy your Caribbean vacation, whether on land or at sea:

U.S. Passport Applications How to get your first passport or renew one.

U.S. Passport Requirements for Caribbean Closed Loop Cruise You don't need one if your luck holds.

U.S. Customs Requirements What U.S. residents are required to declare, entry requirements and more.

Staying Healthy What shots, if any, do you need? Coping with heat, sea sickness and more.

Caribbean Weather
It can make or break your vacation.

Caribbean Airport Codes IATA codes for all the islands.

Caribbean Map See all the possibilities, know where you want to go.

The Caribbean is a Bargain! Caribbean currencies are pegged to the U.S. dollar, which is weak.

Caribbean Vacation Sampler . . . Different ways to enjoy and save on your Caribbean holiday.

Travel Insurance . . . For just in case, because too many things can go wrong

Plan a Caribbean Fishing Vacation Use the resources of the Caribbean Fish Finder about what to take, where to go.

How Do You Pronounce "Caribbean"? Most visitors don't say it properly. A bad reflection.

About "Caribbean Time" It's a little like Mexico, though it varies from island to island.

How Friendly are the People? Much depends on your own approach. Remember, this is their home. You're a visitor.

The Secret To Getting Along The polite thing is to always speak first

About Photographing People Being smart and being polite will usually get you your photograph, but not always,

About Those Caribbean Proverbs There's an encyclopedia of wisdom in these short sayings.

Animal Watching Places where you virtually are guaranteed to see animals, unless there's a hurricane.

Carnival Schedules When each island holds its biggest party.

Caribbean Religious Festivals Experience some of that old time religion.

Airport Flight Delays Will your flight leave on time? Covers U.S. airports only.

Currency Converter Just how much is your money worth?

Calling Codes for Different Countries Find the different calling codes

Internet Access Find out who has wireless or dial-up

Why You Should Consider a Rental Car These are the islands, not a big city where bus rides make sense. Get out and do your thing---on the proper side of the road.

Caribbean timeshares For those who really love the islands, this is one way to have a home away from home

Just for Fun: Test Your Caribbean IQ Done in the spirit of the islands, with help from islanders. The answers are scattered throughout the web site.

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