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Caribbean Vacation Costs

Caribbean travel costs vary widely. Part of it depends where the money you have to spend and the rate of exchange. For Europeans, the Caribbean is a bargain. See why, and it's even getting better.

More important is the time of year you visit, whether it is in the high season or low season. The winter high season is by far the more expensive. Time of year has everything to do with how much a vacation costs.

After airfare, the greatest expense is where you decide to stay. How extravagant or how thrifty to do you want to be? Consider is carefully because it could limit how much you can tour the island. Where To Stay will show you some of the many options available to you.

If you are cruising the Caribbean, tour costs are important unless you want to just laze at a beach in every port. You could do that in Florida or somewhere close to home without going to the Caribbean. Find how to limit your cruise excursion costs.

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