The Natural Bridge

One of the Caribbean's most recognizable landmarks.

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The Natural Bridge

Aruba's visited tourist site, the Natural Bridge is considered the Caribbean's finest natural bridge formation. It rises 25 feet above the sea and extends for about a hundred feet.

Seen from the waterline, people walking across the rock span are the size of toy soldiers.

Tours here come by the bus load, particularly in the middle of the day, but later in the afternoon it is often quieter and the light then is best for photography. A small cafe and souvenir stand are open throughout the day.

A small sandy cove frames the pounding surf hurling itself against the Natural Bridge. However, the bridge may not have been formed by this violent wave action. A popular theory is that the bridge was formed inside-out, that rainwater coming from the land side washed away weak spots of the coral barrier.

An interesting theory, but it doesn't rain that much here. At least not in recent times.

Update: Natural Bridge Collapses

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