Getting Married
in Aruba

You have a choice of a civil or religious ceremony.

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Aruba Marriage License Information

These occur at the Civil Town House. A religious blessing may be arranged afterwards.

All documents must be faxed for review and then submitted by courier (i.e. Federal Express) at least 1 month prior to desired wedding date.

These documents should be sent to:

Office of Civil Registry
  Attn: Mr. Betto Christiaans
  Schoolstraat 2
  Oranjestad, Aruba
  Tel: 011 (297) 583-4400
  Fax: 011 (297) 583-9160

Required Documents

a) Birth certificate with state certification.

b ) Passport picture page or valid state issued picture I.D.

c ) 2 witnesses (over 18) to verify passport picture page or valid state issued picture I.D. Witnesses can provided locally for a fee.

d ) A certificate of no impediment (also called a ?single status report? or ?negative statement of marriage?) available from your bureau of vital statistics, often located in the department of health.

e ) If either party has been divorced we need to receive a copy of the 1st and last page of the divorce decree(s).

f ) Death certificate of any previous spouse.

g) Ceremonies are conducted in late morning or early afternoon on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.
A Saturday late mornings is possible for an additional charge (US$150).

Religious Ceremonies

Roman Catholic:

a) All documents must be submitted 4 months prior to the wedding date.

b) Proof of attending pre-marriage counseling.

c) Permission from own priest to be married in Aruba

d) Local priest must also provide official declaration that neither party has been previously married in a church ceremony.

e) Copy of Wedding Certificate showing couple have been legally married in their home country.

f) Baptismal and Confirmation certificates of both parties as well as copies of their passports or I.D. Cards.

g) Wedding must take place inside the church building.

Protestant / Episcopalian / Methodist:

a) The ceremony can be held in a church or any other location.

b) If married outside Aruba, a copy of existing marriage certificate must be provided.

c) Proper attire. No swimsuits nor wraps for the bride. The groom may wear long shorts.


a) Each person must provide verification of Judaism from their hometown rabbi.

b) The Aruban Cantor accepts Jewish status certificates from valid orthodox, conservative, reform, liberal and re-constructionist authorities.

c) A formal petition must be be submitted to the Aruba Jewish Community.

d) The wedding ceremony may take place in any other location.

e) The synagogue of Aruba is a conservative-reform style congregation.

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