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Location: Take Hwy. 4 from Bridgetown, a round trip trip of about 34 miles. This excursion lasts about half a day.

As you'll soon discover in driving around, everything is located according to its parish.

Scotland District, with its stone fences and sloping green hillsides, does indeed recall the British Isles. It's a beautiful stretch for a walk, either on the beach or on the road. The beaches in this stretch can be wide or narrow.

One of the best places for walking is near Barclay's Park just north of the town of Bathsheba.

Between Bathsheba, almost to Long Point, the road parallels the coast, one of the easiest places for walking. Yet, you'd be surprised how few tourists ever stop to enjoy this area.

The giant boulders scattered along the coastline like pebbles near Bathsheba are an awesome sight, especially on a rough day.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens, a scenic overlook and tiny garden, is just beyond Bathsheba. (Open daily 9-5. For information, call 246/433-9384)

The rugged Atlantic coast offers some excellent coastal walks, many of them passing through small fishing villages.

One of the most interesting sections is around the area known as Bathsheba where bizarre and unusual-shaped boulders line the beach.

The 16-mile long stretch from the lighthouse at Ragged Point to Bathsheba and Pico Tenerife can be walked as a single stretch, though many people prefer to break it up into short segments.

From Ragged Point to the fishing village of Consett Bay is about four miles and a two-hour walk one-way.

Consett Bay to Martin's Bay, another small fishing village, is 3 miles (two hours).

From Martin's Bay to Bathsheba is also 3 miles (90 minutes); and from Bathsheba to The Choyce and Pico Tenerife is 4 miles (about 4 hours).

Pico Tenerife is a 300-foot high hill that overlooks the rugged Atlantic coast and provides some magnificent views, a great way to end your trek.   

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