Bridgetown Self-Guided Walking Tour Part 2

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Barbados Self-Guided Walking Tour
Part 2

5. The
Independence Arch: Built in 1987 to mark the island's 21st year of independence.   

6. St. Michael's Church: The present church was built in 1789 and became a cathedral in 1825. Its arched roof was at one time the widest in the world. Many famous Bajans are buried here.

7. Central Bank Building: At 11 stories, the tallest building on Barbados, it also contains a 500-seat modern concert hall. The entire structure cost $60 million.

8. The Synagogue & Montefiore Fountain: Claiming to be the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, the original building went up in 1654, came down in the hurricane of 1831 and was re-constructed in 1833. The adjoining Jewish Cemetery, still in use, has tombstones dating to the 1630s. The Jews who came to Barbados from Brazil in the 1620s introduced sugar cane to the Caribbean.

 9. Pelican Village: Located near the Deep Water Harbour along Princess Alice Highway. This is the main arts and crafts center established by the government.

10. Queen's Park: East of the Bridgetown harbor. Originally this was the residence of the person commanding the British troops in the West Indies. Before the days of Queen Victoria it was known as the King's House.

A Baobab tree in Queen's Park with a 61.5-foot circumference is perhaps the largest tree in Barbados. The tree, a native of Africa, is an estimated 1,000 years old.

That seed had to float a long way in the ocean currents. Imagine the odds of it landing and surviving here for all this time.

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