Farley Hill National Park

Only a shell of its former self.

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Location: From Speightstown take Hwy. 1 east for about 3 miles.

Yet another opulent testament to the past glory of Bajan gentry is Farley Hill, built in 1861 for a visit by Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh.

Once a beautiful mansion that was a regular stopover for visiting English royalty, including Prince George, later King George V.

Farley Hill overlooks acres of cane fields, the grounds are well forested and lushly landscaped. It is picturesque enough to be a movie set­--and was--for Island in the Sun.

Fire gutted the interior in 1965 and only the shell remains, but the site is still worth visiting for the panoramic view and a taste of the greatness that once existed.

Now it is a protected park, with picnic tables set out under the trees near the abandoned great house. This is a wonderfully restful place to walk around or relax in the shade.

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