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One of the oldest New World buildings

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Location: On Hwy. 1 from Speightstown, located near Cherry Tree Hill. Admission fee. Operating Hours: Weekdays 10-3:30. For information call 246/422-8725,

The second-oldest building in the English-speaking New World (the oldest is in Virginia), the surviving structure demonstrates that early sugar plantation owners lived as sumptuously as English noblemen.

Historically the most important home in all Barbados, built just 25 years after the first settlement, the manor house is virtually in its original condition.

Undoubtedly that is partly due to its construction of durable coral stone. The main quarters are probably as sound today as when built around 1650. One of the owners, a Sir John Yeamans, helped colonize South Carolina, becoming its third governor.

Furnishings include antiques of European and Bajan origin.   

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