Turner's Hall Woods

Most of Barbados' woodlands are gone, except for Turner's Hall Woods

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Turner's Hall Woods

Because Barbados is one of the most heavily developed and populated islands, and much of it stripped bare for the planting of sugar cane, remote woodland walks are rare.

One of the best is Turner's Hall Woods, a 50-acre farm containing a remnant of a lush tropical forest, including the indigenous Macaw Palm, which covered Barbados until the introduction of sugar cane in the 1600s.

At least 32 species of trees have been identified, including silk cotton, sandbox, bulletwood, trumpet tree, locust, fustic and cabbage Palm.

The woods, with its fairly steep hiking trail of about half-mile, are a popular place for walking and hiking, a showcase of Barbados at its most natural.

The higher you walk, the thicker the vegetation. This is not a true rain forest, despite the mullet-layered tree canopies and the presence of lianas and ferns. Only about 60 inches of rain falls here annually; a true rain forest receives 200 or more.

Location: Turner's Hall Woods is located on the Turner Hall Plantation, south of the famous Morgan Lewis Mill Windmill. Follow Hwy. 1 south, past the windmill.   

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