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How Helmet Diving
Helped Make Bermuda Famous

Bronson Hartley originated the helmet dives in Bermuda over a half-century ago, and they soon made Bermuda world famous.

Bermuda helmet diving

Bronson Hartley leads a helmet dive circa 1985

Even today the chance to saunter across Bermuda's ocean floor wearing only a diver's helmet and bathing suit is a dream come true for most families.

Since the only skills required to helmet dive are the ability to walk and breathe, nothing more, kids too young for scuba can helmet dive. Helmet diving is the ideal family watersports adventure.

Bermuda helmet dives take place in less than 12 feet of water within a limited area under the dive boat. Because reef fish have learned what helmet divers in the water mean--free food!--colorful schooling fish add even excitement to the dives.

Greg Hartley, son of helmet diving pioneer Bronson Hartley, now leads the family's underwater trips in Bermuda from Somerset in Hamilton Parish not far from the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Bermuda's only other helmet diving operator, Peppercorn Diving, affiliated with Triangle Diving at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort close to St. George's and Hamilton.

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