Best Caribbean Beaches - Part 4
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St. Kitts & Nevis - Best Beaches

St. Kitts offers both black and golden sands, depending on the end of the island. Banana Bay and Cockleshell Bay are two of the finest sand strips, both with good snorkeling. The best beaches are on the southern Peninsula


However, the 3-1/2-mile long Pinney's Beach on neighboring Nevis (pronounced Nee-vis) is nothing less than spectacular. Backed by a confusion of tall palms that grows at all angles, Pinney's offers and excellent view of both sunset and St. Kitts.

The juxtaposition of mountainous St. Kitts with Pinney's swaying palms is more reminiscent of the South Seas than the Caribbean.

Guadeloupe Best Beaches

On the large French isle of Guadeloupe , the southern side of Grand-Terre, the most built-up region, offers the archetypal soft white sand. Guadeloupe's northwestern coast of Basse-Terre has large granulated, golden brown beaches bordered by the oft rough waters of the Atlantic. Caravelle Beach is Guadeloupe's most popular but don't step above the high water mark inside the Club Med boundaries unless you're staying there.

Topless bathing is common everywhere and nude sunning is permitted in designated areas like Ilet du Gosier, a small island opposite the town of Gosier.

Dominica - Best Beaches


Dominica, an island mostly of mountains and rainforests, has predominantly jet-black or gray volcanic sand beaches. Golden sand beaches, which are seldom visited, are on the northeastern coast and include the strands along Hampstead Bay, La Taille Bay and Woodford Hill Bay. Black sand beaches include Prince Rupert and Douglas Bays. Some visitors prefer swimming in the rivers over the ocean. Since Dominica , sometimes called the 'water island,' is rampant with rivers and waterfalls, finding a fresh water stream is never a problem.

Martinique - Best Beaches

Martinique, another large French island in the stepping stone of emergent mountaintops that comprise the Caribbean, has a cornucopia of beach types, from hustling, hotel-lined fringes to isolated coves populated only with small fishing villages. Most of the best beaches are on the Caribbean coast, with the best sand at the southern end. The St. Anne Peninsula beaches are all well protected slope gently into the vodka-clear water. Grand Anse des Salines and Anse Trabaud are perfect, isolated spots for soaking up the sun and ideal for day-long picnics.


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