Barcadera Caves
One of the island's neatest attractions.

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Location: Take the coastal road to Washington Park and make a sharp turn uphill to the Caribbean Club hotel and bar; immediately on your right you'll see a stone pyramid which marks the entrance to the caves. Flashlights are essential.

The current owners of the Caribbean Club are incredibly friendly and a member of the family will sometimes take you on a free caving tour of about a half hour if you'll buy some drinks and snacks as a kind of trade-out.

Better yet, negotiate for a full 3-hour tour of the caves; the reasonable price may surprise you. These caves are something most Bonaire visitors are unaware of, yet they are one of the island's best natural attractions.

To contact the reasonably-priced Caribbean Club about rooms, fax 599-7-7900; the telephone is 7901.   

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