Road Town, Tortola
Walking Tour

This short walk offers everything from gardens to shopping to grog.

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Road Town Walking Tour

A leisurely Road Town Walking Tour takes only an hour or two.

If you don't stop to look at sailboats or shop, you can easily walk from one end to the other of
capital city in less than 30 minutes.

To see Road Town at its liveliest (and even at its peak, that's not saying much), avoid a Sunday visit when all the stores may be locked up tight unless a cruise ship happens to be in.

This walk starts at The Moorings. Use the Mapquest interactive map of Road Town to follow the streets. It also has the island's complete road network in detail, although not always the street names.

1) The Moorings: Located at Wickham's Cay 2, this is where you get nautical. The Moorings is the main charter dock of the British Virgin Islands , the place to arrange day sails/boat rentals.

2) J. R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens: Located on Main St. several blocks inland from the waterfront, the gardens are built on the grounds of the old Government Agricultural Station. Only 4 acres, this often overlooked site is one of the prettiest spots on Tortola.

The botanical display features colorful tropical flowers and herbs, a palm garden, fern house, bamboo and grass exhibits as well as a pond and waterfall. The self-guided walks will take you past a pond and small waterfall, small Fern House, Orchid House and herb and medicinal gardens.

Open weekdays and Saturday during sunlight hours; Sunday, from noon to 5. Donations accepted.

3) Main Street: THE shopping street of tiny Road Town, it is located one block off Waterfront Drive . None of the shops are large or fancy but almost all are interesting. You can buy spices, honey, spiced rums, Cuban cigars, model sailboats and hand-painted fabrics.

4) V.I. Folk Museum: Located on Main Street just north of the post office, the museum is located in a traditional West Indian building. Artifacts on display are from Taino, plantation, and slave eras and pieces from the RMS Rhone. Open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations accepted

5) Pusser's Company Store and Pub: Located on Waterfront Drive, The Company Store is a nautical version of Banana Republic, with a complete and well-done fashion line. Pusser's Rum not only tastes good, it's a good gift. The pub lunches are superb; try the shepherd's pie. This all may seem pretty touristy, but a lot of locals hang out here.

6) Ferry Dock: For the ferryboats to Virgin Gorda or the U.S Virgin Islands. Located diagonally across from Pusser's.   

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