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Big Ship Disadvantages

Big ships are wonderful for all their amenities such as large public areas, elaborate stage shows and splashy interior. However, there are some inherent disadvantages on a cruise with another 4,000 to 5,500 pasengers.

1) Longer lines for shore excursions

2) Longer lines for reboarding in port.

3) Inability of ships to dock at some ports. Tendering ashore by boat may be required, a possible problem (or impossible) in rough seas.

4) Standardized itineraries. Large ships tend to visit the same ports because of their size. requirements.

5) Longer lines at buffets.

6) Longer lines everywhere.

7) Slower dining room service.

8) Possible assigned dinner seating with the same people.

9) Too few seats on deck or at swimming pool vs. demand.

Obviously many people don't find these factors to be overly important since ships seem to just keep getting larger. As people age and their tastes change, many tend to migrate to smaller ships.

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