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Gay and Lesbian Cruises

Everyone feels more comfortable traveling when they are with people of like interests and persuasions.

One of the most uncomfortable things about cruising is being seated with a bunch of strangers whose interests, ages, occupations, etc., are not only irrelevant but boring.

In wanting to broaden their appeal to everyone, cruise lines were forced to recognize that many passengers detest being thrown into that kind of situation. And so the dining room options have become more flexible and less formal.

Keeping with this trend, cruise lines and cruise agencies are now catering to groups they never cared about before, such as gay & lesbian travelers.

Here is a roundup of the current offerings, realizing that not all of them focus on the Caribbean. But, during hurricane season, who wants to sail in the Caribbean, anyway?

In the months of August and September, not me. Book a Caribbean cruise then and make sure you have good trip cancellation insurance.

Of course there are lots of bargains then, for that very reason. You take your chances.

Rsvp Vacations is a long time leader in booking gay cruises.

Atlantis Events is one of the world's largest gay tour operators.

Feel Free Olivia specializes in lesbian cruises and travel.

Cruising with Pride arranges both cruises and land vacations for gay travelers.

Cruises Only, one of the world's largest cruise agencies, also features gay cruises.

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