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Passengers Should Arrive
2 Hours Ahead

Get To The Ship Early – Or Wave
Your $$S Good-Bye

Passengers are expected to check in at least 90 minutes before their ships departure due to security regulations that require cruise companies submit a passenger manifest an hour before the ship sets sail.

In order to meet this timeline, arrive at the cruise port at least 2 hours before departure to have enough time to unload your luggage curbside, go park your vehicle and then take a shuttle from the parking area to the terminal. Those 3 tasks can easily eat up 30 minutes or more.

If you drive to the port, get any information you can on road conditions and traffic congestion. Be sure to have specific, printed directions not only to the port but –more importantly—the parking lot.

Hunting for the specified parking lot/garage can consume a great deal of time if you don't how where to park beforehand.

If flying in, book a direct flight or as few connections as possible, even if it costs more.  If the cruise line sells the trip you want with air and transfers at a good price, buy it.

Cruise ships do not leave passengers who have booked their entire cruise trip through them. Or, if they have to set sail due to an unusual airline delay, they may overnight you and fly you to the ship’s next port of call.

Whether driving or flying, if you’re delayed and the ship departs without you, if you did not book it all through the cruise line, trip interruption insurance is your only protection. 

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