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Sample Carnival Cruise Menus including the exclusive Supper Club

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Sample Dining Menus

Carnival Cruise buffets often contain many of the items served in the dining room, an advantage in

that with a wide selection you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong item.

On the other hand, your selections will have been sitting under hot lights for extended periods, not individually prepared, so it may not taste as fresh.

Realize that Carnival Cruise menus change according to season, a ship's location and a change in chefs.

Carnival Cruise Sample Menus:
One Week Cruise

This sample of dining menus covers an entire week of dinners and 4 lunches. Plus a menu for the reservation-only Supper Club available on limited ships. That's the one we start with since it is the most interesting and exclusive:

Carnival Steakhouse Menus

What Is The Reservation-Only Supper Club

Starters and Appetizers

Entree Menu

Dessert Menu

Main Dining Room Menus

Captain's Welcome Dinner

Luncheon Menu 1

Luncheon Menu 2

Luncheon Menu 3

Luncheon Menu 4

Gala Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu 1

Dinner Menu 2

Dinner Menu 3

Dinner Menu 4

Dinner Menu 5

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