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Here's What a Cruise Should Include

Whether you're going to the Caribbean or Antarctica, you can expect these items to be covered. But be certain! Check the details, which most cruise sites do an excellent job of explaining.

Some luxury cruise lines include transfers to/from the ship if you purchased your air ticket through the cruise line

All scheduled meals

Late night buffets (midnight buffets are not common)

Coffee, tea (sometimes milk), morning fruit juices. Water when it's poured from a pitcher

Professional entertainment every evening

Special children's activities including video arcade (some ships are far better equipped for this than others)

Room service --the menu may be extensive or limited, depending on ship. And some ships are starting to charge for it.

Some snack bars (ice cream, pizza)

Movies in the ship's theater (if there is a theater to offer)

Stateroom TV (but not necessarily recent movies or movie channels)

Day at Sea activities unless an extra charge is advertised

Guest lectures

Use of the library/card rooms if a ship still has them. Not all ships do.

Exercise rooms/equipment

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