Cureacao Beaches Part 1

Curacao Beaches

They're fairly close together. Visit them all until you find a favorite.

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Curacao Beaches

Curacao beaches are unusual for the Caribbean. Many of the best ones lack any high-rise hotels or other major development.

However, some are also privately owned, so occasionally you'll need to pay a small admission fee per car per day.

Curacao is among the few islands where beach camping is permitted. Weekend camp-outs are a popular way for locals to party, and the festivities can last well into the next day. Weekdays are the quietest times.

Beaches are classified either as a "boca" or a "playa," and the distinction can be helpful in deciding which ones to visit.

Bocas tend to be small inlets placed between two large rock formations. Playas are the longer, classic sand beaches, usually with calm, swimmable waters, though some playas are noted for their surfing.

Curacao's most popular beaches are on the remote southwestern tip, and they tend to see far more locals than tourists. In many spots the beaches are clustered together, allowing you to move around quickly and easily until you find your favorite. Here are some of the best known.

And a Google Map showing their locations after you scroll in.

Playa Kalki

Located near Westpunt,  Playa Kalki has a steep set of stairs leading down to the beach. A terrace halfway between the parking lot and the beach offers something rare on this island--shade. A designated swimming area is roped off for youngsters, while snorkelers and divers roam all over.

The shore dive here known as Alice in Wonderland is ranked among Curacao's top 10 dive sites, but be prepared to tote your gear up and down the long flight of steps. Beach-goers are welcome in the resort restaurant.

Playa Piskado

Just as the name implies,this is a small fisherman's beach. The boats and nets are photogenic, and snorkeling and diving are popular, although the shoreline can be a bit rocky.

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