Caribbean Religious Festivals

Caribbean Religious Festivals

 Some are major island holidays usually accompanied by a party or two!

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Getting That Old Time Religion

Here are some of the better known religious festivals throughout the Caribbean. Some are strictly religious observances while others also include a celebration of some sort.

If a Caribbean religous festival involves church attendence and you wish to attend, dress appropriate.

You don't need a coat and tie or dress but no shorts and t-shirts. Islanders always dress in their best for church.  

Major Caribbean Religous Festivals

Hurricane Supplication Day, U.S. Virgin Islands. Held on the 4th Monday in July. The island closes down and locals go to church to pray for mercy during the coming storm season.

Feast of St. Louis, St. Barthelemy (St. Barts). Held August 25. Celebrated in the village of Corossol with live music, regatta and fireworks.

Festival of the Black Christ, Portobello, Panama Held Oct. 21. The life-size figure of Christ carrying the cross is a renowned healing shrine. Prayers, cockfights, games of chance and lots of drinking.

Dera Gai or St. John's Day, Aruba (June 24): Celebrated on the feast day of St. John the Baptist to give thanks for a successful harvest. Folk dances focus on the “dera gai” or traditional burying of a rooster, now replaced by a gourd.

Fiesta de San Juan Bautista or St. John the Baptist Festival, in Venezuela's Barlovento windward coastal villages. Held in late June. Figures of the saint are carried into the water, children are baptized along with local dancing to the beat of tambor drums.

Fisherman's Birthday, Grenada: Held June 29 to honor the patron saint of Christian fishermen everywhere.


Fisherman's Feast, St. Lucia: St. Lucia's June 29 version of the Fisherman's Birthday with religious services, blessing of boats and boat huts and plenty of eating.

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