Morne Trois Pitons Trail

Welcome to Dominica's largest mountain.

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Length: About 2 miles to the summit. Time: Three hours on the established trail, one-way; 1 hour more to reach the summit: just follow the lay of the mountain to the top. Difficulty: 4. The higher you go, the drier the trail in good weather. Avoid this ascent on a rainy day, when small waterfalls start pouring down the mountain.

Trailhead: Take the road to Rosalie and Castle Bruce. Go 0.3 miles beyond Pont Casse. On the right is a sign marking the wide path.   

This is the largest mountain in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and at 4,550 feet, the second highest on the island.

The established park trail does not lead all the way to the top; that takes another hour of walking. Most hikers don't bother since the last part involves a lot of climbing over vegetation.

At the summit the vegetation is much smaller due to the thin layer of soil.

This is a steeper, tougher climb than Morne Anglais, so you need to be in good shape. However, if you can survive the hike to the Boiling Lake, you can make it to the top of Morne Trois Pitons.

True, it's a 4-hour trudge to the top, but at least the walk out is all downhill. (What makes the trek to the Boiling Lake so tough is that you're always climbing up and down, never very long in just one direction.)

As on Morne Anglais, you will pass from montane to elfin forest.

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