North Coast Trail
You like walks without other tourists around? Try this one.

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Length: 6 miles. Time: 3 hours each way. Difficulty: 2-3. Trailhead: Go north from Portsmouth for 6 twisting miles to where the road ends at Bellevue just north of the village of Capucin.

You're not likely to see many visitors in this remote part of Dominica. The trail goes through tall dry forest as it follows the north coast around to Carib Point before turning inland at the Delaford Estate.

It crosses several shallow river valleys, then joins a driveable road at Delaford Estate. The road connects the village of Pennville and Guilet.

Perhaps the most unique part of the walk is climbing Bellevue Mountain and reaching the place Cold Soufriere.

Cold Soufriere is a volcanic crater that often attracts numerous boa constrictors, which come to bask on the warm ground crust.

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