Sari Sari Falls
The falls are certainly worth seeing--but not in the rainy season.

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Length: About 1 mile to the falls. Time: 40 minutes each way. Difficulty: 2-3, unless it rains. Then, look out-?and get out because the area flash floods. This hike should be made with local assistance.

Trailhead: On the east coast high in the valley behind the village of La Plaine. The path to the 180-foot falls is at the end of the village.

The falls are at the end of a canyon outside the national park. The trail starts easily in open fields, then becomes tougher as it borders the river and passes through secondary rain forest.

The last 15 minutes is a moderately tough rock scramble up the White River to the falls.

This dry riverbed and the canyon are subject to flash flooding. Absolutely avoid this spot during the rainy season.

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