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The Columbus Lighthouse

Does Faro a Colon really contain the remains of Columbus?

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You should visit the lighthouse both during the day and at night to appreciate the differences in appearance. It's located across the river from the Colonial City.

 This is a strange looking monument, created in the form of a cross with the base stretching for a very long block. Costing US$200 million, its interior has numerous exhibits related to Columbus and the early colonial days.

Most of the items are reproductions and few of the accompanying explanations are in English. An ornate tomb is supposed to contain the remains of Columbus , but that's unlikely since both Spain and Cuba claim to have them, too.

Naturally, the lighthouse is most impressive at night (assuming the power is turned on). When the clouds hang low, the lasers on the roof create a brilliant white cross; on other nights the lasers simply shoot skyward.

That's assuming the government has paid the power bill.

Regardless, it's an impressive sight. The exhibits are open 10-5 Tuesday through Sunday. You can walk around the exterior of the monument anytime.   

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