Annandale Falls,

Close to St. George's and easy to reach.

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Annandale Falls Grenada

Annandale Falls is located very close to St. George's with a travel time of only 30 minutes, round trip, unless you picnic, swim, whatever. Annandale Falls is located within the Beausejour River Valley, 15 minutes from St. George's on the outskirts of Willis.

This is an easy walk to a pretty mountain stream where two different falls drop about 30 feet into a beautiful tropical pool surrounded by elephant ears and lianas.

You're allowed to swim and picnic. Different plants are marked with their names, but you need a guide to appreciate that the foliage is more than just ornamental.

For instance, the leaves of the huge bocano tree near the parking lot are used to make a tea for treating blood pressure and "for cleaning the blood." This was bush medicine I'd never have known without guide Denis Henry.

This is private property with a small admission. Annandale Falls' convenient location is also a problem. Because it is so close to the major resorts, it tends to be crowded. The falls are usually included in an island tour by island and cruise ship guides.

There also are a lot of sellers here, too, which some visitors find annoying. A firm "No Thanks" should prevent any unwanted hassles but also consider the island's unemployment is quite high, well above 25%.

Avoid weekends and cruise ship days for fewer people. Usually the earlier, the better. Annandale Falls is well worth seeing.

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