Seven Sisters Falls,

This series of cascading falls requires some modest effort to reach.

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Seven Sisters Waterfalls

The Seven Sisters Falls--which Google Earth calls 'Seven Sister Falls--is a series of seven cascading waterfalls with deep pools. They are located about a mile below Grand Etang. Far more remote than Concord Falls, the hike to reach the Seven Sisters Falls averages about three hours roundtrip.

The walk to the falls is on a rugged road of stones that requires careful footing. This can be slippery after a rain so take a walking stick. Don't feel bashful about using it.

The falls offer two large pools for swimming. From the bottom, you can also see two more sets of waterfalls known as St. Margaret's Falls.

The falls, on private property, have a small admission fee. The owner has provided steps is some of the more slippery places to make the hike easier. There is no guide. You're on your own but the trail is easy to follow.

Tours may show up later in the day during high seasons. Go early. The water is cold and won't be any warmer later in the day.

Route to Seven Sisters Falls

Mao toi Seven Sisters Falls Grenada

That yellow pin in the upper right corner is the location of Seven Sisters Falls, headed toward St. Margaret.

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