Karukera Trail
This considerable walk will take you to a picnic area, the perfect mid-point.

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Time: 2 hours, each way. Difficulty: 3-4. Not marked. Advisable to take water. Trailhead: Depart from Savane a Mulets. Descend to the Carbet Falls picnic area at 600m.

The first part of this hike is the same as the last section of several trails: La Soufriere Circle, First Carbet Waterfall, Col de l'Echelle. Always use caution during foggy weather, notably around Col de l'Echelle.

From Savane a Mulets, take the la Citerne route for 300 meters, bearing left a little before Matylis Ravine. A trail marked with blue dots leads to l'Echelle.

At the hill, the trail bears to the right and follows orange blazes, first across cropped vegetation, then on rocky soil, between 2 ravines flowing out of the Carbet.

After scaling the ravine on the right, the trail is dominated by a vertical wall. In the flat portion that follows is the departure point of the Karukera Trail.

Begin this rather steep ascent by the first path to the left -- the other trails are cul-de-sacs. It takes about 40 minutes.

In the next 30 minutes, you'll cross 3 small ravines in thick mangrove forest where the humidity oozes, climb for several meters holding onto mangrove roots, and finally arrive at a clearing where the panorama is superb.

From the plateau, the trail veers left immediately, toward the east. Descending, listen as a dull roar grows louder: it's the second Carbet waterfall, which you'll soon see off to your left.

About 10 minutes later, you'll reach the waterfall's picnic area by an old forest road passing among white gum trees, characterized by a slender, light gray trunk and a high, dense tuft.

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