Pas Du Roy & Galion Waterfall Trails
The trails lead in opposite directions. The falls are the better option.

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Time: 1.5 hours. It takes 20 minutes to get to Pas du Roy (Steps of the King). Difficulty: 2-3. Marked only at the trailhead, this is an easy trail.

Trailhead: Depart and return to the Bains Jaunes (Yellow Baths) parking area, located southwest of Savane a Mulets in the direction of Saint-Claude.

At the Bains Jaunes parking area, near the abandoned refuge, a stele marks the entrance to the Pas du Roy Trail, opened in 1887 by the Colonials.

At the beginning, you'll go along the basin of the Bains Jaunes, dry except in the rainy season. About 300 meters from the start is a fork to the right leading to Galion Falls, goal of your walk.

To the left, you can continue the Pas du Roy which ends at the tar road, then either go back down to the Bains Jaunes (Yellow Baths) parking area or to the parking area for Savane a Mulets.

Pas Du Roy :

For about 10 minutes the rocky trail has steps. In a dramatic turn to the left, a break in the greenery permits you to see the mountain mass of l'Echelle and, below, at the bottom of the Galion Valley , an entire mountainside that was carried away in the 1976 slide.

Several minutes later, the trail continues climbing and comes out to a little cleared plateau for a panoramic view of Belvedere. To descend, choose the short walk to Savane a Mulets or retrace your steps back to Bains Jaunes.

Galion Falls:

At the crossroads, continue right. The wide trail descends in a gentle slope across relatively low and sparse growth, mainly mountain mangroves, tree ferns, and marble wood. The marble wood here is stunted due to the altitude.

After 15 minutes, the view on your right reveals Basse-Terre and its surroundings. To the southeast, surrounded by the banana warehouses of Moscou, is Morne Gros Fougas, a classic volcano form.

The trail then plunges into a ravine and, after a few zigzags, runs beside the Galion River.

It should have taken you about 35 minutes to come this far. Access to the falls is either by the trail going straight ahead or by climbing back up the riverbed to reach the foot of the 40-meter falls.

To the right of the falls is the very steep departure point for the Armistice Trail leading to the summit of la Citerne. By walking 5 or 6 minutes on this trail, you'll reach a superb viewing point, but it's slippery and risky. On the left bank, another trail will lead you across a maze of enormous rocks to the cascade of the Ty, just before it meets the Galion.

Retrace your steps to your departure point, a trip of 45 minutes.

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