Trail of the Armistice
You pick up this trail at the summit of La Citerne.

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Time: 2 hours. Difficulty: 3. Trailhead: Depart from Savane a Mulets. Armistice Trail joins the summit of la Citerne to Galion Falls, which allows you to make a circuit.

Once at la Citerne (see previous hike), continue left and go around the crater to find the trailhead.

The crater ruin has plant growth characteristic of moist ridges, including the red pineapple, but it has an elegant orange flower, different from the common red pineapple.

The descent toward the Galion Valley leads you across the stunted high-altitude forest of mountain mangroves, orchids and yellow lilies.

The trail bends to the southwest, permitting a glimpse of Basse-Terre, before you enter a sparse rain forest of cabbage palms and marble wood.

The trail now arrives at a flat place bordered by a cliff, overlooking Galion Falls. The trail continues to the left, then ends with a very abrupt drop before reaching the riverbed.

The descent is slippery and difficult--even dangerous--after a rain. Take your time and hold onto roots.

At the Galion, continue right to reach the falls. Descend left some 10 meters, then cross the river. On the other side, continue on the trail which will take you to Savane a Mulets by way of Pas du Roy (Steps of the King).

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