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Millbank to Bath
Some wonderful names along this track. Like "Corn Puss Gap."

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Length: 10-14 miles, one way. Time: 6-7 hours. Difficulty: 4-5. Trailhead: At Millbank.

You have a choice of paths from Millbank. Both end at the Bath mineral springs north of Morant Bay.

The tougher and longer route is to cross 2,250-foot high Corn Puss Gap (you have to love the name).

This route passes through some of Jamaica's last true, virgin rain forest where the only residents are birds and butterflies.

You may also have to ford streams that may be as much as waist deep.

The alternative trail is easier, mostly downhill through a shady forest skirting the dense growth (but at least you get a good look at it from a distance).

This track runs from Millbank to Cuna-Cuna Pass (at 2,750 feet) to Hayfield before reaching Bath village.

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