Montego Bay River Valley Walks
Unknown and unmarked trails near one of the tourist hot spots.

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Length: Most hikes in the Montego Bay vicinity are 6-9 miles long. Time: consider a full to a half day. Difficulty: 2-3.

Surprisingly, this is a virtually unknown region and seldom seen by tourists. However, guided walks are expected to become a major attraction in years to come.

The river valley has some excellent hiking but it's difficult to know where the trails start. They're unmarked, so you definitely need a guide to set off on the proper foot.

This is low level hiking between 500 and 1000 feet, among streams and rivers with interesting views but no forest. The trail system is excellent, link adding to link so you can cover quite a distance.

In fact you can walk all over Jamaica this way; it's a matter of knowing where the trails link up.  

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