Reggae Music

In its purest form, reggae

is highly spiritual music.

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Reggae, Rastas and Bob Marley


The protest music of the Rasta religion, with Bob Marley as its high priest, reggae is the most important development in Caribbean music since the steel band.

Unlike calypso, which sings about yellow birds and other idyllic things, reggae is an honest, often harsh look at the world through the eyes of black islanders.

Anything but sentimental, reggae is primarily message music about poverty, social injustice and worshipping Jah.

Bob Marley (the museum to him in Kingston is holy ground to reggae lovers) is credited with developing the form, as a prophet, he sang the praises of Jah.

However, as with every music form, there is good reggae and there is junk. It is not all "sacred music."

The Rastafarian Religion

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