Rose Hall & Greenwood
Great Houses
The two landmark attractions offer quite different experiences.

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A couple of nice easy walks at 2 restored plantation houses, Rose Hall and Greenwood.

Both are just east of Montego Bay on the main road to Ocho Rios. Signs clearly point to the turnoffs leading to them.

In the 1700s, Rose Hall may have been the finest great house in the entire West Indies. Rose Hall boasts one of Jamaica's best legends, about its second mistress named Annie Palmer who murdered 3 husbands, and a plantation overseer. Open 9:30-6.

Domestic conditions were less volatile at the lesser known Greenwood Great House, actually a better look at what life was like on one of the old sugar plantations.

A highlight of the tour is the rare book library with copies dating back to 1697. Open 9-6.

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