Woodcutter's Gap Trail
You are now in prime coffee growing country.

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Time: 2-3 hours, depending on where you start. Difficulty: 2-3. Trailhead: Off the Catherine's Peak Road (see Catherine's Peak hike).

Before reaching the top of Catherine's Peak, look on the left for the sign marking the trailhead. The trail leads down into the valley known as Woodcutter's Gap.

The hard part is where the trail rises to meet up with the Kingston-Buff Bay Road (the B1), not far from Hollywell.

However, you also have the chance to join two other trails at Woodcutter's Gap. If you go left you will be on the Green Hills Trail and exit on the Kingston-Buff Bay Road near the village called Section, famed for its Blue Mountain coffee.

If you turn right at Woodcutter's Gap, you will join the Silver Hill Gap Trail that comes out at Silver Hill village just west of B1, the Kingston-Buff Bay Road .

At this point you have a couple of options. From here you are only several miles from the forest camp of Clydesdale.

You can also follow the road farther south through Content Gap and to Guava Ridge.

At Guava Ridge you pick up the road leading back to Kingston.

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