Saddle Hill & Nelson's Lookout

It's easy to see why this spot was used for a lookout. The views are terrific.


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Saddle Hill contains a small fort where Horatio Nelson, in charge of the British fleet for this part of the Caribbean, supposedly spent his free time looking for approaching enemy ships.

To find it, drive east from Charlestown and look for the sign proclaiming " St. George's Parish--the Food Basket of Nevis." Take the second right after the sign, then turn right again at the first opportunity.

Follow this road until you see a concrete road going off to the left. Take the concrete road until you reach a dirt road going to the right, your walking path.

The site is now marked by a radio tower and all the major artifacts have been removed. The hike is on an open dirt road, and the view of Nevis, Redonda, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Saba is a fine one.

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