The Bahamas Junkanoo Parade
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The Bahamas Junkanoo Parade
The King of Hearts Blows A Whistle

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Bahamas Junkanoo Festival Costume Parade copyright M. Timothy O'Keefe -


The Bahamas Junkanoo, which traces its roots back to West Africa, is celebrated on Bay Street in New Providence and on the Family Islands during the early morning hours, starting as early as 3 a.m. and goung until 9 a.m. on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) and again on New Year's Morning.

Junkanoo may also be celebrated on other holidays such as Independence Day (July 10th). There is also a children's parade called Junior Junkanoo held in Nassau in mid-December.

Learn more about the Bahamas' biggest celebration on the following pages.


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Photographs & Text Copyright © by M Timothy O'Keefe All rights reserved.