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Seat selection on The Sugar Train is at two levels. You can sit at the lower level behind tinted glass in the comfort of air conditioning or sit up top under a shade canopy. Down below, you'll sit in rattan chairs clustered around a table, four chairs to a table, beside large vaulted windows. On top, it's bench style seating along both sides of the car.

You definitely get more of a feel for St. Kitts out in the open but the train also shakes, rattles and rolls quite a bit. People susceptible to motion sickness may find conditions more to their liking at the lower level.

If you sit on the right side of the car, you'll have the best oceanside views since the track hugs the coastline most of the way. Sitting on the left offers the best view of the sugar cane fields, the mountains, villages and old estates, everything inland.

The best places on the entire train are at the front of the first car, overlooking the engine, or in the last car, which allows you to photograph the full train as it journeys around the island. That's where I sat. Next time, it will be over the engine.

Wherever you sit, everyone hears the live running commentary, not taped, which makes the experience much more spontaneous and entertaining.

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