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Located a thousand miles southeast of Miami, Puerto Rico probably is among the most accessible of all the Caribbean islands, thanks to the large number of airlines that fly here.

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States where the U.S. and Puerto Rican flags fly side by side. It measures 110 miles long and 35 miles wide (see map).

Puerto Rico has good beaches scattered all around the island (See San Juan Water Temperatures) and more restaurants than you can ever hope to sample in a lifetime. They range from gourmet to the simplest roadside eateries. See Puerto Rico Things To Do.

Old San Juan is an outstanding city for dining, shopping and roaming around on foot. It was founded as a military stronghold in the early 1500s and contains 2 giant forts, El Morro and San Cristobal.

The most popular and most-visited place outside of San Juan is the 28,000-acre Caribbean National Forest, simply as El Yunque. It's about a 45-minute drive from the city.

In addition, state forest reserves scattered throughout the island offer miles of hiking and nature trails.

About 75% pf Puerto Rico is mountainous. In the central mountain range, the altitude reaches an impressive 4,389 feet at Cerro de Punta. Amazingly, all the island's lakes are artificial, built in the 20th century for water supply and energy production.

Puerto Rico has a good highway system that makes travel around the island relatively easy, especially to such charming cities as Ponce & San German. However, the twists and turns on the mountain roads can extend drive time considerably.

The countryside is also home to a legendary creature known as the Chupacabra, a Puerto Rican version of Bigfoot.

The island celebrates 500 festivals a year, which may help explain its joyous mood. There's always something fun going on.

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