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Anyone attending the Tobago Heritage Festival, held the last two weeks of July, will see a great deal of the island since activities take place in a different village each day.

These are the major highlights of the Tobago Heritage Festival:

Goat Races – Held in Buccoo, trained goats run with jockeys as spectators place bets and cheer for their favorites.

Ole Time Wedding – A traditional event, the Ole Time Wedding is held in the village of Moriah. The marriage ceremony is followed by a colorful procession of the wedding party and guests dancing through the streets. The reception unfolds with sounds of the fiddle, food, speeches and entertainment.

Sea Festival – The village of Black Rock has a traditional “boat christening” to acknowledge the importance of the sea to the Tobago community.

Folktales and Superstition – Les Coteax village brings Tobago’s rich folklore to the stage with witty presentations where children are given special attention.

Junior Heritage Explosion – This activity highlights the talents and beauty of the young people of Tobago. Their expressive hands, melodic voices and dancing feet is the preservation of Tobago’s culture.

Miss Heritage Personality and Heritage Monarch – Toward the end of the festival, a Miss
Heritage Personality and a Heritage Monarch are elected to reign for one year.

Ole Time Carnival – The festivities end with an exciting carnival in Plymouth.

Emancipation Day – The final day of the Heritage Festival is marked by Emancipation Day, celebrating the day in 1838 when enslaved Africans were freed.

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