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Tobago Festivals

Tobago festivals celebrate everything from a weekend of goat and crab races to a smaller version of the huge Trinidad Carnival.

Goat and Crab Races

Each Easter weekend the village of Buccoo features goats racing helter-skelter to the finish line while prodded by their "jockeys" who sprint behind them, holding the animals at the end of long ropes. The goats are prepped for race day with stamina-training and swimming exercises and special diets.

In the crab race, jockeys use a short length of string to guide the competing crustaceans towards a checkered flag. The crabs' reward for their usually slow effort is inclusion in a pot of crab and dumpling. There are no winners.

Fisherman's Festival

Fisherman"s Festival is held in June to celebrate St Peter's Day, St Peter being the patron saint of fishermen. The largest celebration is held in Charlotteville's Man O' War Bay. It includes street and beach parties, sports activities and other events.

Toronto Muhtadi International Drumming Festival

The world's only annual festival celebrating the drum is held annually in Toronto, Canada.
Heritage Festival
Takes place the last two weeks of July with a series of presentations and colorful pageants in a new village every day.

Harvest Festivals

Food is the heart of another of Tobago's tradition, the Harvest Festival. Harvests are community feasts held throughout the year in different villages. Villagers invite family, friends and strangers to their homes to share thanksgiving meals. The festivities begin with a church service and end with a cantata(musical entertainment performed by the church choir).

Tobago Fest
Tobago Fest is a smaller, late September version of the huge Trinidad Carnival held during winter. This is during the low season, so rates are at their lowest of the year. 

Tobago International Cycling Classic

Annual September race around Tobago on a course known as Beauty and the Beast.

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