Casibari and
Ayo Rock Formations

Who knew piles of boulders could be so interesting?

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Casibari & Ayo Rock Formations


These two locations, several miles apart are littered with huge boulders weathered into fanciful animals shapes by the eternal trade winds. The Casibari Boulders rank as one of Aruba's top attractions.

At Casibari, you can climb the carved steps to the top of the cluster of huge reddish-brown tonalite boulders. They seem very out of place considering the flat terrains that extends for miles around.

A hiking trail also circles the formation. Normally you'll find a drink and souvenir stands in operation.

The Ayo Rock Formations is the second site where massive rocks are inexplicably found in large numbers. Ayo's formation is known for the unusual formations caused by erosion. Less crowded than the Casibari Boulders, the Ayo Rock Formations have been called by some the Stonehenge of Aruba.

Although there is no massive stone stairway here, hiking trails make it easy to move among the rocks to view the formations from various angles. In the past, goats have found Ayo a highly desirable hangout.

If you're lucky, at dusk or dawn you may spot a burrowing owl or one of the rare mammals found here before European contact.

Spanish explorers recorded a small species of mouse, several kinds of bats, and a cottontail rabbit. Similar to their U.S. cousins, Aruba and Curacao cottontails bear a distinctive black patch on their necks.

It's believed the rabbits were probably imported in pre-Colombian times by the Indians, since the cottontails around the Maracaibo region of Venezuela also have the same neck distinctive markings.

To find Casibari & Ayo: From L.G. Smith Blvd. in Oranjestad, take Hato Rd (Rt. 4) and stay on Rt. 4 until you reach the Paradera area. Turn left onto the Casibari Rd. After a short distance, you will turn right to reach the Casibari Boulders. Driving map.

Ayo is located 3.2 miles away, to the northeast. From the Casibari Boulders, return to Rt. 4 and turn left toward Piedra Plat, where you will turn left toward the town of Ayo. The rock formations will be on the left before the intersection with Rt. 6 Driving map

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