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Aruba Things To Do

Aruba is best known for its beaches, but there is so much more to do than soak in the sun.

Arikok National Park
Encompasses 18% of the entire island, this arid park is full of secrets.

Bubali Pond
Just behind the Palm Beach hotels, a birder's paradise part of the year.

California Point Lighthouse
Sand dunes, birds and a great view--from the ground.

Casibari & Ayo Rocks
Huge boulders in fanciful shapes with views from the top of the rocks.

Frenchman's Pass
A scenic walk through an unusual part of Aruba.

Golf & Golf Courses
Three golf courses including one hosting an annual international Pro Am Tournament.

Hooiberg (Haystack)
Highest point on Aruba, worth the climb.

Natural Bridge
Where the sea carves a walkable path over an air-filled cavern. No more.

Scuba Diving
See all of Aruba's dive sites. More wrecks than reefs, all of it easy. Few dive sites match the wreck of the Antilla.

Shopping & Dining
Shops open early and Aruba has some unusual dining, most of it quite good.

Jump from 10,000 feet from a perfectly good plane.

Spanish Lagoon
Best birding location on Aruba

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