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Although the majority of diving takes place off Grand Bahama and New Providence, several other islands with good facilities are definitely worth visiting.

Walker 's Cay is the northernmost island of the Abacos chain. Like most of the islands in this region, diving is essentially on shallow patch reefs and coral heads inhabited by plenty of fish. In deeper water, tall narrow pinnacles are the preferred sites. In addition to Walkers, diving is popular at Treasure Cay, Marsh Harbour and Green Turtle Cay. Eels, grouper and rays are found in many locations here, while the waters around Green Turtle Cay hold the promise of spotting tarpon.

Andros, largest of all islands, is flanked by one of the world's longest barrier reefs. Blue holes can also be found here, though they should be dived only with a knowledgeable guide. The Tongue of the Ocean separates Andros from New Providence, so there are many opportunities to explore the walls of this abyss.

In the Berry Islands, Chub Cay is renowned for its famous "fishbowl," a site usually filled with numerous grouper.

Bimini, also part of this chain, is world-famous for its remarkable Bimini Road, which has been called everything from a sunken remnant of lost Atlantis to an extra-terrestrial landing site. However, Bimini's best diving is well away from this notorious spot, at some of the lesser known reefs and walls.

 On Eleuthera, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells are the dive centers for this vastly underrated island. Many of the better sites are shallow, only 30 to 40 feet, so bottom time can be considerable. Current Cut at Eleuthera's northern tip is known for its 6-8 knot current that zips divers from one end of the cut to the other. This is one of the best drift dives in our hemisphere.

The Exumas, with hundreds of islands and cays, are another region little-visited. Georgetown and Rum Cay are the best known spots. Rum Cay in particular is loaded with tame grouper that do their best to meet the imposing demands of every visiting photographer.

San Salvador is where Columbus supposedly first landed after his sail over from Europe . San Sal has been a favorite for serious divers for many years though facilities have always been limited. The diving, day or night, is exceptional. Fish, corals, unusual forms of marine life--San Sal is a superb place to capture them all on a single trip.

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