The Bahamas Islands

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A nation of more than 700 islands & cays in the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Bahamas
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Geographically the Bahamas may not be part of the Caribbean, but you'd never know it by their gorgeous beaches and beautiful waters. (See Bahamas Weddings Planners)

And with some islands only 50 miles off the Florida east coast, the Bahamas have become the Caribbean for many Floridians, especially on weekends. And also Europeans looking for cheap holiday dealsdue to convenient flights. (See Bahamas Water Temperatures)

Nassau and The Atlantis Resort

New Providence is the showcase island and where the majority of tourists stay. At one time New Providence was most famous for its city of Nassau, now overshadowed by the hotels of adjacent Cable Beach and the Atlantis fantasy mea-resort at Paradise Island. (See Nassau Things To Do)

The biggest event of the year is the New Year's Junkanoo Parade (see photo gallery).

Grand Bahama Island

But New Providence no longer is the exclusive focus. After several false starts, Grand Bahama Island is offering some competition. The massive Our Lucaya at Port Lucaya can match anything Nassau offers.

Moreover, Grand Bahama's international airport has frequent shuttles from Florida, only 50 miles away. Grand Bahama is more accessible than it ever has been.

Family Islands

There is a region of the Bahamas still without much glitz and glitter. These are the Family Islands, once called the Out Islands, which actually make up most of the Bahamas. (See Bahamas map)

They are less developed, slightly remote landfalls, remain the way Nassau and Grand Bahama were before mass tourism.

In a capsule, they are quiet, peaceful, relaxed, uncrowded and unspoiled. The islanders themselves appreciate those features and reciprocate by being more open and friendly than their compatriots living in the hustle and bustle of the big resort towns.

See what good uses all this seafood is put to at ABC's of Bahamas Cuisine.

Bahamas Diving is as good and as varied as the fishing.

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