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ABC’s of Bahamas Cuisine
Popular Foods & Dishes

From simple dishes to exotic Bahamian and international menus, the food scene in The Bahamas can be found roadside, beach side and in fine restaurants. As you’ll soon learn, Bahamian recipes often mix striking flavors,
which soon become visitor favorites.   

Understandably, fresh fish and seafood are the centers of Bahamian cuisine. Favorites include the local spiny lobster, the ubiquitous conch (konk) made into salads and fritters,
land crabs, fish such as grouper, yellow tail, wahoo and red snapper.

Fresh conch scored with a knife and sprinkled with lime juice and spices is delicious. Other delicacies to sample are land crabs and the Bahamian rock lobster. Try this popular fresh fish dish: boiled fish served with grits.

Many seafood entrees are served with pigeon peas and rice. This Sunday dinner staple mixes pigeon peas with bacon, onion, celery, thyme leaves, hot pepper and rice. And don’t bypass the Bahamian baked macaroni and
cheese with its extra kick of pepper.

Island Hot Spots

Nassau and Paradise Island have a wide variety of dining options that will satisfy everyone from picky youngsters to gourmands. (See List of Nassau and Paradise Island restaurants) For a taste of genuine local cuisine, spend the evening at the fish fry at Arawak Cay for conch salad,
cracked conch or grouper fingers.

Or drop by Potter’s Cay Dock under the Nassau-Paradise Island bridge for lunch. They make scorched conch while you watch. For a Nassau 5-star experience, find award-winning fare at Graycliff Restaurant, the only Nassau restaurant carrying 5 stars.

A specialty on Grand Bahama Island, the Bahamas’ fourth largest island, is roast conch, found all over the island. On
Wednesday night, visit the fish fry at Smith's Point. On Friday, it’s the Mini Crab Fest at The Churchill Garden Bar next to the
International Bazaar.

These are just some suggestions. You’re bound to discover places that will become some of your own favorites. Everybody does.

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