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Bermuda After Dark - An Actual
Island with Nightlife!

One of the most common complaints of island travel is that when the sun sets, the islands shut down.

Not in Bermuda
, where after dark is simply the next setting for the next round of activities.

Bermuda Restaurants

Where on other islands you might be limited to your hotel's restaurant or just a handful of others, on Bermuda the list is extensive with dining establishments covering the gamut of cuisine.

Dining out in Bermuda is an actual dining opportunity compared to somewhere like Grand Cayman where all the familair brands like Outback, McDonalds and Burger King dominate the local eateries.

However, as a point of trivia, despite Bermuda's claim that it has no chain restaurants, there is one American franchise but it's been there so long (as it was for decades in Nassau before others) it is considered a local restaurant.

This single fast-food outlet is in Hamilton, and it's not a burger joint.

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