Cozumel Snorkeling
Cozumel Snorkel Sites
Chankanaab Park is the island's most popular snorkel spot.

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Cozumel Snorkeling
Cozumel Snorkel Sites

On many Caribbean islands, snorkelers are treated almost as second-class citizens, forced to accompany scuba divers who enjoy the best views while snorkelers float far above the reefs, well away from the action.

Cozumel, with 230 different species of fish and numerous shallow reefs that can be reached by a short swim from shore, is ideal for snorkeling. In fact, snorkeling is so good that several watersports operators specialize in nothing but snorkel trips.

One of the favorite sites to snorkel from shore is Chankanaab Park, where limestone and coral formations begin in only 6 feet of water. Chankanaab is a fish sanctuary, so it's common to see hundreds of colorful fish, even turtles, crabs and lobster.

Chankanaab is perfect for a day's outing. Besides the natural lagoon, it has a wide sand beach, a restaurant and bar and a botanical garden containing hundreds of varieties of tropical plants.

Good beach snorkeling is also available at Yucab Reef (coral formations in just 15 feet of water) and San Francisco Beach, both south of Chankanaab.

Closer to San Miguel, at Playa Dzul-Ha snorkelers can discover fish in only 20 feet of water.

Just 150 yards out from the La Cieba Hotel is an overturned twin engine airplane used as a movie prop.

Besides the French and grey angels and grouper that live here, huge numbers of resident sargeant majors love to dine on bread. The plane wreck is also a favorite snorkel spot for cruise ship passengers.

Although located well offshore, Cozumel 's most popular dive site--Palancar Reef--offers good snorkeling.

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